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Providing you with Secure PCI-Compliant Charge-back protection solutions, making accepting credit card or check charges from your customers a professional process.

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Get Paid Fast every-time through our secure payment platform. With Bank Card Compliance, proper Verification procedures, ensuring best quality and results!

Stop Fraudulent Chargebacks Now! Get Chargeback guaranteed protection coverage and grow your business with every single charge!

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Charge-back Protection, Guaranteed Payment Processing

Eliminate Charge-backs

Increase approval rates and retain your customer payments. Complemented by custom rules and our experience with umpteen data points and sources guarantee that good customers are never inconvenienced.

Fraud Prevention Solution

Our unique high-tech process review, covers every suspect transaction - unlike our competitors - offering the benefit of the doubt to suspect orders so that transactions are never incorrectly or denied outright and your revenue flow is neglected without proper reason.

Performance-Based Pricing

We offer multiple plan options center around your business requirements, If you do not see a plan that fits your transaction volume or have additional questions please contact us directly.

360 Transaction Protection

We decide whether an order is fraudulent or not via a comprehensive fraud management platform. Our all-in-one tool delivers a complete and effective fraud prevention solution by 24Hour Processing.

Building a Larger Business

We go beyond fraud protection! We generate trust between your company and your good customers to improve the positive processing results you should expect in business.

We Guarantee our Results

We provide your business transactions final decision on whether or not to approve each charge that comes in. Not all charges require additional fraud analysts, modelers, a manual review team or a fraud charge-back assurance. Each plan level comes with our full package coverage machine.

Why Choose our services?

24Hour Processing notifies you of issuer-confirmed charge-back fraud and customer disputes in near real time. That means you’ll have the time you need to a issue refund and avoid a charge-back altogether.

  • Reduce overall charge-back ratios
  • Get control of eCommerce credit card fraud
  • Prevent or reduce overall credit card charge-back fraud
  • Process more transactions with confidence
  • Reduce charge-back fees 

Whether you’re a small business dealing with online credit card card and charge-back fraud on your website or a major corporation looking for ways to reduce credit card charge-back fraud across the board, we can help you avoid dealing with charge-backs returns.

24HourProcessing’s global network of card issuers and merchants helps over 3,200 clients globally –including 7 of the top 10 eCommerce brands – all by successfully fighting avoiding fraudulent charges altogether.

Learn how 24HourProcessing’s Protection Alerts can help you avoid future charge-backs and improve your over-all bottom line.

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